Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How and Why to Find a Mentor

An important (and often overlooked) way to increase knowledge, develop skills, and advance in your career is to find and regularly meet with a mentor.

Mentors can often provide an objective view and eye to your strengths, weaknesses, and can offer suggestions for improving your skills and knowledge, revising that resume, and getting a new job.

How to find a mentor?

Look around you. Often that person is someone you already interact with. It could be a boss, local
business owner, someone from your place of worship, a speaker from a conference you attended, or even someone you connected with online through LinkedIn or Facebook. You want to find someone who is successful and at a place in their life and career that you want to go.

Identify what you want. Are you planning to start your own business and need guidance on how to get started? Are you looking for a new job but don't feel you have the right contacts? When you identify what it is you need then you'll be better able to determine the qualities of the right mentor for you.

Ask. This is often the most difficult part but it really should be the easiest. Good mentors are usually very gracious with their time and eager to help others out. You'll likely find that he or she feels honored that you asked. So go ahead!

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