Monday, June 17, 2013

Five Reasons Why You Need a Vacation

I recently returned from an incredible vacation in Alaska, where I experienced a thrilling dog sled ride on top of a glacier, delectable cuisine and drinks, a boat tour and bus tour of pristine national parks, relaxing salmon fishing, seeing breathtaking animals in the wild, and - of course - many stunning mountain views. 

When you are in Alaska - where internet and cell reception is spotty, I had no choice but to separate myself from the everyday pressures of work. When I returned home - albeit a little jet-lagged - I felt refreshed...and eager to get back to my job with a newfound perspective.

You may be telling yourself that you are too busy for a vacation. However, it's more than likely that a vacation is exactly what you need to be even more productive and happier at work. Here are five reasons why you should pack up the car and spend some time away from your job.

Vacations provide perspective: Distancing yourself from your work-related problems will enable you to approach them in a different way, as studies have shown that psychological distance can benefit problem-solving skills.

Vacations decrease burnout: While no vacation can defeat burnout entirely, vacations have been shown to decrease feelings of burnout, at least temporarily.

Vacations increase creativity: Not only do vacations provide perspective, but they can produce new, creative ways to solve problems...particularly if you vacation abroad.

Vacations allow us to connect: Research has shown that families develop stronger bonds when they vacation with each other. 

Vacations benefit our overall health: Numerous studies have discussed the overall health benefits of taking a vacation.

If you are feeling the pressures and demands of your work are keeping you from spending time away, reconsider that notion and take some time for yourself. You and your career will benefit.

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