Friday, April 19, 2013

Careers with High Turnover

Even in a healthy economy, certain occupations generate high turnover. This can be costly for employers and informative for job candidates who would want to know if the employee turnover is due to low compensation or job burnout.

The Houston Chronicle digital site, Chron, featured an article entitled, “Occupations and Careers with the Highest Rate of Turnover,” which presented a few of these high-turnover careers.

A flexible, entry-level job in retail is great for college students or those needing extra money. However, lack of advancement and benefits in retail, not to mention low pay, make it difficult to make a living. Unless you are seeking long-term success in management or as a buyer, keep in mind retail occupations present turnover rates of about 75-80 percent.

Food Service
Standing on your feet for endless hours and trying to please customers is tough, both physically and mentally. If management isn’t invested in your success or it’s not fine dining, the job probably isn’t paying a whole lot either. The Bureau of Labor Statistics regularly cites food service occupations among those with the highest turnover rates.

Nursing is an occupation with a lot of demand; however, entry-level nursing positions don’t necessarily pay well. Plus, being at the mercy of physicians can take a toll and result in job burnout and high turnover.

Customer Service
Customer service jobs may seem like a wise choice for those with limited education or experience, but these jobs demand a lot of patience and perseverance. Customers and the general public can be very disrespectful. It’s tough work, and many cannot tolerate it long term.

Source: Hamlett, Christina. “Occupations and Careers with the Highest Rate of Turnover.” Chron. Hearst Communications. (Last Viewed: April 11, 2013.)

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