Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Career Advice from the Olympics

While you're staying up late watching all the Olympic action it's useful to also think about what lessons might be learned from the Olympians.

Caroline Dowd-Higgins, a career coach, professor, radio host, and author of This is Not the Career I Ordered, shares 10 Olympic lessons that can be applied to your career:

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1. Distinguish Yourself: "Olympic runners are not equally strong as sprinters and long distance runners. They excel in a particular role that showcases their talent best. Find your niche and focus on the special strengths that set you apart from the competition."

2. Don't Let Ageism Get in Your Way

3. Resilience is Essential and Persistence Pays

4. Team Work Rules

5. Game Face On

You can read more details, including 5 additional lessons here.

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