Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting Clear About Your Motivations

Sitting in my pantry is a juicer: a machine that grinds fruits and vegetables into delicious, healthy juice. I purchased it after viewing a very influential documentary about the unhealthy, processed food that we eat. The juicer was going to be my tool to nutritious eating and a new, healthier lifestyle. So why is it still sitting in the pantry?

It's not uncommon to become charmed by the possibilities of a new way of being: a new life that we believe is going to make things better for us. Whether it is the new exercise device that will help make us slimmer, the new clothes that will feed our self esteem, or the new school that we just enrolled in that will give us the education we want to help us pursue a career dream, possibilities-in the right context-are powerful motivators to action and living a rich, fulfilling life. However, once you've taken that first step-the biggest step-toward that dream, doubt can fill you to the point where your momentum is stopped.

When considering the possibilities and options that are presented to you for your career, ones that will bring significant and lasting change, ask yourself these questions to get clear about your intent:

What about this decision excites me?

What am I trying to be that this change will help create?

How am I honoring my values by making this decision?

What will I be losing by making this decision?

What are the consequences if I go through with the decision? What are the consequences if I don't go through with this decision?

To be honest, I haven't decided where I am at quite yet with the juicer. But I know that by dwelling on these questions I will find the answer. When it comes to your career, you are not just in a state of doing; you are in a state of being. Make our decision with both your head and your heart, filled with intention and the power of creation.

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