Monday, July 25, 2011

Tips For Creating a Great Post Grad Cover Letter

Some potential employers require a cover letter, while others do not. As a post grad, you enter the tricky world of applying for jobs and don't always know what to do or what the potential employer wants. Creating a cover letter that wows them is one way to stand out. If the employer requires one, then you must send one in. If you don't send a cover letter, it shows the employer that you don't follow directions and is the number one way to get your resume from their desk to the trash. Even if the employer doesn't require a cover letter, sending one in is a great way to showcase your talents. Here are some tips on creating a cover letter that will impress anyone:

1. Be specific for each job you apply to. Do a little research to find out what this employer may want in an employee and what the job entails. Then evolve your cover letter to show your interest in the company. Share why you want to work for them, what qualities you have that they desperately need, and tailor it to the company. Take out any generic sirs or madams and make sure you put the company name and the name of who you're sending it to at the top.

2. Don't just copy and paste or blind copy one cover letter and resume to a bunch of job ads. Taking a generic cover letter from the Internet is a way to essentially give up the job to someone else that took the time to write a personalized, rockin' cover letter.

3. Keep it short and sweet. Give your best examples of work and qualities that qualify you for the job. Express your interest in the company and the job quickly. Potential employers simply don't have the time to read pages of cover letters and resumes. Keeping it short and to the point will get it read.

4. Follow instructions! Often potential employers may want you to answer specific questions in a cover letter when applying. Be sure to answer these questions in a short and passionate way. For example, they may ask your top three skills. A great answer would be relevant to the job, share your passion, and be to the point.

5. Be professional and spell check! Spelling or grammatical errors will get your cover letter tossed no matter what job you're applying to. Be sure the document is well formatted and easy to read too.

6. Don't forget to give your contact information at the end of the cover letter! If they have no way to contact you, you surely won't get the interview.

Whether it is the daunting task of writing your first cover letter or you've written a hundred, keep these six things in mind and you'll write an amazing cover letter sure to wow any potential employer.

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