Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Can’t Conquer Your Career Goals? Consider Hiring a Coach

Ever hear of Sean Foley? If you’re not a golf fanatic, you probably haven’t. But if you do closely follow the sport you would know him as Tiger Woods’ swing coach. You read that correctly: one of the best players in the world has a guy telling him how to swing. And Sean wasn’t Tiger’s first swing coach: Hank Haney was his coach for over six years. If someone as prolific as Tiger Woods can see the benefit of hiring a coach to help him, what is holding you back from hiring one to help you with your career? Here are situations where hiring a personal coach (or lifecoach) can benefit your career.

You don’t know what career to go into The common belief is that you can expect to change careers over six times in your lifetime (I, personally, think I am somewhere around three or four right now). Some of these transitions are easily navigable; others can be fraught with difficulties that can spill over into other aspects of one’s life. A coach can listen to the problems you are encountering with your current career and suggest courses of action that coincide with you level of risk, personal comfort, and ambition. It could be that you can enhance your current career in some way, or that you abandon it entirely for a new one. You will not be told what to do by your coach, but guided in a holistic way to best help yourself.

You don’t know how to progress in your career A lifecoach can also be of assistance if you are not progressing in your career the way that you feel you should. Through inner exploration and tailored exercises you can discover areas in your career life where you are being held back-by you or by your employer-and work to overcome those obstacles to rediscover what initially ignited your passion.

Your personal life is affecting your career No one exists in a vacuum and it is commonplace for one’s personal life to affect one’s career. While a lifecoach is not a therapist, he or she can help you identify the anxiety you are feeling and help you create goals or strategies that will point you in the direction of success.

The Beatles sang that you get by with a little help from your friends. If you find yourself spinning your wheels, stuck in career circumstances that you are not happy with, a coach can be the person to help give you a push out of the mud and down the road to a brighter tomorrow.

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