Monday, November 22, 2010

Winning Over Your Boss

Face it, work is more enjoyable and rewarding when you have a good working relationship with your boss. Although a lot comes down to personalities and work styles, the following are ideas to keep in mind that may help you win over almost any boss, even the difficult ones.
  • Understand and support your boss’s priorities: Be aware of your boss’s work priorities, goals, and challenges so you can support the goals and priorities and minimize the challenges.
  • Recognize work preferences and hot buttons: The more you know about your boss’s work style, including hot buttons, the better you can respond in a manner he/she respects and appreciates. For example, if your boss prefers to communicate via email, then do so. If you know the boss gets irritated by people who arrive late to meetings, be prompt.
  • Understand how your boss evaluates performance: Make sure you understand how your boss prioritizes your responsibilities and what criteria he/she uses to evaluate your job performance.
  • Be dependable: Be someone your boss can count on to consistently do your job well.
  • Maintain a positive attitude: Most people appreciate working with someone who is positive and upbeat-a boss is no exception.
  • Be a team player: A typical boss manages multiple people. It usually helps if you are a willing team player and can work successfully toward common goals.
  • Learn new things: The responsibility of career development rests on your shoulders. Your boss will appreciate you seeking opportunities to grow professionally.
  • Take initiative: Bosses tend to appreciate people who can identify tasks that need doing and who take the initiative to complete the task and/or fill a need without being asked.
  • Maintain professional integrity: Any boss expects and appreciates employees who maintain professional integrity through honesty, trustworthiness, and speaking and acting in a professional manner.

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