Monday, August 30, 2010

Jobs in Healthcare Industry Look Promising

While most industries will be struggling to rebound for quite a while, the healthcare industry is forecasting job growth. Workers in the healthcare industry diagnose, treat, and administer care to millions of people. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), four of the top ten jobs projected to have the largest growth over the coming decade are in the healthcare industry: registered nurses; home health aides; personal- and home-care aides; and nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants. The BLS estimates that from 2008–2018 the healthcare industry will generate 3.2 million new wage and salary jobs—more than any other industry.

In addition to those mentioned above, here are other healthcare occupations expected to experience significant growth:

  • Physical therapists
  • Physician assistants
  • Medical records and health information technicians
  • Medical equipment technicians
  • Clinical lab technicians
The healthcare industry is composed of the following segments:
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing and residential care facilities
  • Physician offices
  • Dentist offices
  • Home healthcare services
  • Offices of other health practitioners
  • Ambulatory healthcare services

The BLS states that approximately 76 percent of the 595,800 healthcare industry establishments are offices of physicians, dentists and other health practitioners. Interestingly, hospitals make up only 1 percent of healthcare establishments; however, they employ 35 percent of all healthcare workers.With promising growth in the healthcare industry, it may be well worth your time to look into a career in healthcare, if it interests you. Start by using the Career Transitions “Explore Careers” tab where you will find various healthcare occupation overviews with details from the BLS’ Occupational Outlook Handbook. Other organizations and resources you may want to check out include the Bureau of Health Professions and the American Medical Association’s Health Care Careers Directory.

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