Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Non-Verbal Communication Is Key In A Job Interview

You might say all the right words in an interview; however, interviewers are evaluating more than just what you say, they’re also sizing up your non-verbal communication. Your non-verbal communication, body language and voice tone, play a big part in whether you are viewed favorably during an interview. Pay close attention to your non-verbal behaviors, such as:

Hand shake: It should be firm but not over-powering.

Posture: Sit upright and lean slightly forward. This will convey confidence and that you are engaged in the conversation..

Hands: Keep your hands either folded in your lap or calmly placed on top of the table or desk.

Eye contact: Use regular and direct eye contact. It is fine to glance away or down at your notes, but do so only when there is a break in the conversation. And if there is more than one interviewer in the room, be sure to make eye contact with others.

Tone and voice: Use a varied tone that is genuine but not overly excited. Be sure to speak clearly and at a comfortable pace.

And remember most importantly, smile. Show them you're actually enjoying the interview experience.

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