Thursday, February 11, 2010

Web Resumes: A Tool that Helps You Stand Out from the Competition

Transforming your resume into its own unique web page creates a more aesthetically pleasing resume, one that uses graphics and other media forms to stand out. A web resume also offers other benefits.

· You can password protect your site. Password protecting specific pages, or your entire site, allows you to control how much of your web resume various people can view.

· You can have a potential employer access your web page during an interview. An employer who has access to the Web can open your portfolio during the interview, and you can conduct a tour that highlights your skills and accomplishments. Thus, you are actually using your web site as a portfolio.

· You can interview with a potential employer on the phone. You can show an employer around your web site as he or she talks to you from their office and views your web page on a monitor.

· You can download your web page onto a CD and send it to a potential employer. You can do this either before or after the interview. The employer will have something to review even after you have left the interview. It also allows the employer to show your work to other colleagues who may be involved in the hiring process. Additionally, downloading your web page portfolio to a CD is an inexpensive alternative to sending costly portfolios to each employer.

Motivated to create your personal resume web site? Check out Mashable's useful step-by-step "How To: Build the Ultimate Social Media Resume."

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