Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Put These Job Search Action Steps Into Motion First

When it comes to looking for a job, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about where to start. The below are some common, first job search action steps you can take:

Contact everyone you know in making them aware you’re looking for a job. Use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to get the word out.

Develop a job search plan that includes targeting the number of hours to spend each day and/or week job searching; outline daily job search tasks before the start of each week, and monitor your progress.

Create an outstanding resume—be sure it is proofread and critiqued. Have print, electronic and text-only versions of your resume available. Consider customizing your resume to a job, so that you emphasize those skills that align with the requirements in a job posting.

Post your resume on job boards and update every few months to garner renewed attention from prospective employers and recruiters.

Line up your professional references before you start interviewing.

Contact recruiters in your professional field and geographic area.

Network at professional association events.

Tap into the full potential of the Career Transitions resource to easily navigate through and manage the entire job search process.

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