Friday, July 10, 2009

Affordable Schooling Allows Job Seekers to Chase Their Dreams

For some job seekers, making the decision to transition to a new career will involve a return to school. Programs created via federal stimulus money have made going back to school--whether that be a community college, university, or other specialized training program--an affordable option for many. One example of stimulus money in action can be seen in Michigan’s No Worker Left Behind initiative, which provides qualified individuals with up to two tuition-free years at any community college or university in the state. Similar programs are popping up at colleges throughout the country. At Lorain County Community College in Ohio, the “Make Your Lay Off Pay Off” program offers individuals the opportunity to enroll in tuition-free continuing education classes, college credit classes, and job training workshops. Rebound, a program recently implemented by South Suburban College in Illinois, provides tuition-free classes to help train dislocated workers for in-demand occupations such as pharmacy technician, teacher’s aide, and computer technician. While the focus is often on the negative consequences of the struggling economy, job seekers and dislocated workers have discovered the silver lining--the chance to explore a new career and chase their dreams by going back to school. Check out this article for a list of other colleges offering free or reduced tuition programs.

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